Aiman and Muneeb After Marriage – How Life Has Changed

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have been married for a year and a half. Everyone is well acquainted with their love story since they never held back while giving interviews in the past. Aiman and Muneeb both are very forthcoming while sharing their views during interviews even now too. Unlike a few other celebrity couples who reveal only selected few things about their relationship dynamics, Aiman and Muneeb have always shared every little detail without holding back.

When they got engaged, they gave many interviews. After marriage too, Aiman and Muneeb have given several detailed interviews. A comparison of all these interviews makes it quite clear that Aiman and Muneeb’s relationship dynamics have surely changed after marriage. This is completely natural since once you get married, your relationship does undergo certain changes. Before marriage even if a couple is meeting on a daily basis, they are not sharing their space and most importantly the responsibilities. The fact that Aiman was really young when they got to know each other has also made a big difference in her personality overall through the years. As you grow up your preferences and outlook towards life changes and that is exactly what has happened with Aiman Khan too.

Anyone who has watched Aiman and Muneeb’s interviews before and after the wedding will agree that the changes in Aiman’s personality are more apparent than that of Muneeb. Aiman is younger therefore it is understandable that she must be having a more difficult time adjusting to the responsibilities of married life. Muneeb was always the mature one in the relationship, something Aiman too accepted even before they got married. Aiman shared in her interviews that Muneeb was always the one who used to guide her. Now, things have changed somewhat because it is apparent that Aiman Khan does not see Muneeb as the ‘responsible adult’. They are still good friends and they stay positive but their latest interviews reveal that Aiman Khan has to bear the responsibility of raising their daughter herself with little help from Muneeb.

Aiman’s Future Plans Before and After Marriage

The beginning of a marriage can be a difficult phase for some people. These difficulties become more obvious to everyone if you are constantly in the limelight. Aiman Khan announced in Nida Yasir’s show that she had absolutely no intention to continue acting after her engagement. The expressions on her face clearly suggested that she was fed up of working in the field and had no intention of carrying on. When Nida Yasir said that she must be tired of it since she joined the field at such a young age, she agreed to her. Aiman clearly stated she wanted to spend time with her family now because she had given so much time to showbiz already.

Less than a year after getting married, Aiman Khan appeared on Samina Peerzada’s talk show in which she stated that for now she had no intention of leaving showbiz but was enjoying the ‘break’. Aiman’s mind therefore changed a few months into the marriage. Recently when she appeared on Reema Khan’s show, she stated that she was attending shows so in a way she was still part of showbiz. However, she feels that she cannot be part of dramas yet since her daughter is too young. Therefore, Aiman does intend to make a comeback in dramas whenever her daughter is older.

Muneeb Butt had the same stance right from the start. Even in Nida Yasir’s show before they got married, Muneeb made it clear that this was not his decision, it was up to Aiman whether she wanted to continue working or not. In the latest talk show as well he had the same stance. Muneeb still strictly believes that getting married to Aiman does not give him the right to make her decisions for her.

Aiman and Muneeb’s Perception About Each Other After Marriage

Although Aiman and Muneeb knew each other years before they got married, there were some things about each other which they only found out once they got married. In her latest interview, Aiman was clearly upset with Muneeb’s habit of not cleaning up after him. The fact that Muneeb does not keep his surroundings clean and Aiman is someone who likes things neat and clean has been a source of irritation for Aiman. They clearly said in their latest interview that even after knowing each other for so long, they were completely unaware of the fact that they would have completely different habits in this regard.

Aiman saw Muneeb as the responsible adult before getting married but in her recent interview, she compared him to her daughter because she had to constantly look after him and their daughter. Muneeb also stated in the recent interview that he considered Aiman more innocent but now he wonders where that innocence has disappeared. To this, Aiman replied that with age she was wiser now. When Aiman used the word ‘mature’ for herself, Muneeb’s reaction suggested that was a decent way of putting what he thought about her personality in words.

Muneeb always was the one who dominated the conversation whenever both of them gave an interview together, that hasn’t changed even now. In their recent interviews too, Muneeb took the lead while Aiman Khan could not answer the questions as spontaneously as him. Whenever Aiman gives an interview alone she is more confident and she definitely gets a chance to talk more. While Aiman’s answers are always plain and simple, Muneeb gives answers which are more insightful. Their personalities in these interviews show how different they are from one another. But one thing they always agree on is that they are really good friends and both of them are positive individuals.

Aiman and Muneeb After Marriage – How Life Has Changed

We wish Aiman and Muneeb a happy life together. There are few celebrity couples who are as honest and transparent in interviews as these two are. Seems like Aiman is going to be more active on television once again. Although she won’t be doing dramas, she will be making appearances in shows. The break Aiman took from showbiz definitely made her rethink her decision. They still make sure that they wear matching outfits when they make joint appearances on shows.

Did you notice the things we did while watching the interviews of this celebrity couple before and after marriage? Do share your thoughts about it.

Aiman and Muneeb After Marriage – How Life Has Changed

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