Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan is a Pakistani model and actress. She started her showbiz career purely by chance at a really young age. Aiman Khan was so young at that time that working in commercials was nothing more than fun and games. After being part of many projects for years, Aiman Khan’s career took off when she was old enough to play leading roles in dramas. She was a chubby kid who grew up to be a beautiful young lady. She received unprecedented love from people so much so that her name alone could sell dramas.

She joined the industry at a young age, she learned as she was in the business. It was also difficult to juggle her work with studies. Although this was never a planned profession for Aiman, even then it required a lot of commitment. Her popularity on social media has also contributed to her success as an actress. Her social media following helps her get quality projects.

Aiman Khan Age

Aiman was born on November 22, 1998. She is 21 years old. She is one of the youngest actresses in the industry with years of experience.

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are twin sisters. They have been associated with the showbiz industry ever since they were little and these two twin sisters have literally grown up right in front of the viewers’ eyes. Their first project was together and for the longest, they worked together. They are the only female identical twins in the Pakistani entertainment industry. When they were little, both of them used to do the same projects. When one of them used to get tired, the other one would take it on from there. Therefore, for them, it was all about teamwork right from the beginning.

Aiman and Minal have not worked in a drama together but they have done many modeling ventures as a team. Aiman and Minal often give interviews together, their social media handles are filled with pictures in which they are seen having a great time and most importantly they have always defended each other.

She was born 28 minutes before her twin sister. Although this is barely an ‘age difference’ yet this difference of few minutes has impacted their personalities. According to Minal Khan, Aiman is bossier. She also makes friends easily and most of Minal’s friends are actually those people who are her sister’s friends. Minal Khan short-tempered, moody, and difficult to understand, as explained by her sister in an interview.

Aiman refers to Minal as the younger siblings which basically goes to show that she has taken up the older sister role from a young age. These two however find it really difficult to stay apart. Even after Aiman got married, she made sure that she regularly visited her house and stayed close to her family.

Aiman Khan Family

She has a moderate family set up and her family hails from Karachi. Aiman’s father is in the Pakistani Police Force. She has a twin sister Minal Khan who is also a media personality. Aiman has 3 younger brothers. Aiman and Minal both are equally famous and the best part of their personalities is that even with all this fame, they are down-to-earth.

She got married to Muneeb Butt in November 2018. Aiman and Muneeb have a daughter together, her name is Amal Muneeb. Aiman feels that the only drawback of getting married is that you are no longer with your family, in your own house, the house which is your comfort zone. She believes that no matter how much love you get from your in-laws, it can never be the same as the love you get from your own family.

Aiman shared in an interview that every single evening after getting married she used to miss her home and family so much that for a month her husband took her to her house daily. The fact that Aiman’s house was just a few minutes drive away from her new home definitely helped.

Her mother told her to concentrate on her new home after she got married. Her husband, however, has been really supportive which is why it has been easier for her to give her mother’s house just as much as she wants. Aiman feels that even after getting married, she has the responsibility of both the houses.

Ever since Aiman became a mother, her responsibilities have increased. Before giving birth to her daughter, Aiman thought that after marriage, she had more time than ever to give to her family. Before she was working therefore because of the odd working hours, she had hardly any time to spend with her family. Both her families have always been equal to her.

Aiman Khan’s bond with her father is one-of-a-kind. According to her, she is like a son to her father. While they love each other a lot, they also argue whenever there is a conflict of interest. These arguments never get in the way of the love they feel for each other. Her father confides in her like a friend would and they always make sure that they never stay upset with each other for long.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures
Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Sister

Aiman Khan sister Minal Khan is her twin, she is also a popular celebrity. She also started her showbiz alongside Aiman Khan but if we compare the two then surely Aiman has a more strong personality. After getting married, Aiman took a break from showbiz but Minal Khan is getting more quality projects than ever. Minal and Aiman together have their own clothing brand as well with the name Aiman Minal Closet.

Minal Khan found it really difficult to adjust with Aiman. Aiman too used to cry daily after she got married. Even now she stays in close contact with her twin sister. Minal also helps Aiman out with her daughter playing the ideal role of a khala.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Brother

She has 3 brothers. All of her brothers are younger than her. Two of her brothers are also identical twins. Aiman’s brothers are just as close to her as her sister. When she got married, her brothers used to be just as eager to meet her as her sister. Aiman is the older sister who manages things for everyone in the house. Even after getting married she still makes sure that she spends enough time with her own family.

Aiman Khan Husband

Aiman Khan husband Muneeb Butt is also an actor who has managed to make a big name for himself. Aiman and Muneeb have worked together in several dramas. Muneeb Butt belongs to an affluent family and unlike few other Pakistani celebrities who went through financial struggles before making it big in the industry.

Muneeb decided to join the industry suddenly when he went to watch a commercial photoshoot. Shehroze Sabzwari had just joined the industry and Muneeb went to watch his commercial shoot. When he looked at the way a celebrity is treated, he decided this is what he wanted to do in life and that is when the struggle started.

Muneeb Butt’s father is a businessman who deals in selling electronic devices. Muneeb Butt’s father owns a General Trading Company which he started when Muneeb was born. Muneeb Butt’s brother’s name is Junaid Butt and he helps his father run the family business. Muneeb Butt’s brother has two children, a son, and a daughter. Muneeb is really close to his brother and father.

Muneeb Butt only has one sister who is younger than him. Muneeb is really close to his mother as well. According to Muneeb, his mother is a really simple woman who is a homemaker. Muneeb is a wise man who fell in love with Aiman because of her personality and not just her looks. He has always been really mature for his age, a quality which Aiman liked too.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s love story is the most interesting love story among celebrity couples. They are also one of the youngest celebrities to get married. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have a big age gap therefore the first time they met Aiman was so young that Muneeb Butt considered her his younger sister. He couldn’t even have imagined that he will one day get married to her. They had a big group of friends, therefore, they had a lot of fun times together.

Gradually Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt started talking more than ever. She jokingly said one day that she really wanted to get married. When Muneeb asked who she wanted to get married to, she replied she wanted to marry him. She said in an interview that this was only a joke which started something serious between them. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt then started thinking seriously about getting married. For the longest time even Minal Khan had no idea that Aiman and Muneeb liked each other. Later on, when she found out the truth, she supported them in every way possible.

After a few years of marriage, Aiman Khan now says that the one habit of Muneeb Butt which annoys her is that he does not keep the room clean. Aiman on the other hand is really serious about keeping the room and her surroundings tidy. The best thing about them still is that both of them are best friends. That is one thing which kept them together before and right now too it is the best thing about their relationship.

Aiman Khan Engagement

She got engaged to Muneeb Butt in January 2017. Their engagement was a grand affair that was attended by a lot of celebrities. Aiman and Muneeb’s engagement ceremony was also a massive hit on social media. It isn’t very often that celebrities get this kind of attention from the public. Their engagement too was preceded by dholkis just like their wedding function.

She looked stunning on her engagement. She wore a heavily embellished outfit and paired it with traditional jewelry. She kept her make-up and hairstyle rather simple on the occasion.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Mehndi

Aiman Khan’s wedding was the most awaited wedding of the year since it was the union of two famous celebrities. Aiman’s mehndi was a star-studded affair. The mehndi function started on 27 November, 2018, days before the actual wedding. Aiman Khan’s Mehndi was the highlight of the celebrations. Aiman Khan’s overall look and the decor was perfect. People were impatiently waiting to see Aiman Khan’s look for her mehndi. Like every other event, Minal Khan is right by her sister’s side.

Before the actual mehndi took place, Aiman Khan’s wedding functions had already started with dholkis, themed shadi party, and a mayun. Aiman wore a stunning Erum Khan Couture dress on her mehndi function. Aiman Khan’s look on her mehndi was completely different from that of her mayun. She wore an off white short blouse with a heavily embroidered colorful lehnga. Her dupatta too was detailed. She also wore a lot of jewelry. She enjoyed getting all dressed up for her mehndi and made sure that she looked ravishing. The colorful bangles also look exceptionally appealing. Aiman Khan’s overall look went perfectly well with the decor on her mehndi which is why the photographs came out so beautiful.

Unlike the traditional brides, She also danced on her mehndi alongside her husband. Aiman and Muneeb enjoyed this special day to the maximum with their friends and family members by their side.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Wedding

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding was the most talked-about wedding for many reasons. While this couple has a lot of fan following, there were also many people who thought that Aiman and Muneeb’s wedding functions were more elaborate than necessary. Many people firmly believed that when it comes to wedding functions less is more so they have been criticizing Aiman Khan’s wedding.

She had a bridal shower and the couple had two separate elaborate mayun’s, they had a big nikkah function, there were also dholkis and even an evening with a theme in which celebrities were invited. People criticized Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt for being extravagant and showing off. Some people termed these functions as madness. People also remarked that She broke the records set by Urwa and Mawra of showing off. They also said that this marriage was hardly a family function.

She also went for a trip to Northern areas with her family and her then-fiancé Muneeb Butt. Then she also went for a trip to Dubai therefore she has been constantly in the news because of these celebrations which now seem never-ending. People also went as far as saying that Aiman Khan and her family were inspired by star plus serials because this wedding was turning out to be a long serial with unlimited episodes.

In an interview after the wedding, Aiman shared that when they were away for their honeymoon, there was a day when she was disturbed by the kind of criticism people subjected them to but then Muneeb made her understand that being a celebrity meant taking the good with the bad. Aiman understood that and did not let the criticism get to her. She knows that there are so many people who love them and wish nothing but the best for them.

Aiman Khan Wedding Dress

Aiman Khan’s wedding dress was designed by Erum Khan. Aiman decided to wear a really heavy dress on her wedding. Her make-up was done by the famous make-up artist Omayr Waqar. Most people did not like Aiman Khan’s hairstyle and make-up. So much so that the make-up artist actually had to defend himself by posting a video covering Aiman’s reaction after he was done with her look for the wedding function.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Walima Dress

On her Walima too, Aiman Khan decided to wear an outfit by Erum Khan. This outfit was different from all the others she had worn. The color, intricate details, and the tail of the dress gave her a royal look. Aiman’s make-up and hairstyle on her Walima too was on point. Everyone loved her entire look for her walima which went well with the decor as well.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Walima Pics

Aiman Khan walima pics were some of the best ones from all her wedding functions. Everything from Aiman Khan’s entire look to the decorations was picture perfect. Muneeb Butt also looked great in a tuxedo. Here are some of the most beautiful pics from their walima.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures
Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Daughter

Aiman Khan daughter was born on August 30, 2019. Aiman and Muneeb named their daughter Amal Muneeb, a name which was a mix of Aiman and Muneeb, it also has a beautiful meaning. When Aiman Khan’s daughter was born, people were waiting to see her picture. A picture was leaked within a few hours by someone. Aiman was really upset about it. She wanted to share the picture of her daughter herself but she couldn’t do so because Amal’s picture had already gone viral on social media.

She dedicated her time entirely to raising her daughter. She often talked about how difficult it was to raise a child but it was completely worth it. Aiman’s family helped her a lot in raising Amal. In a recent interview Aiman shared that for the first 4 months after giving birth to Amal, she was so sleep deprived that she used to cry every single day. She is still getting used to being a mother because she feels it is a 24-hour job.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Muneeb is enjoying spending time with his daughter in the lockdown. He thinks that if it wasn’t for this lockdown, he would have missed so many of Amal’s milestones. He considers it a blessing in disguise. Aiman says that she gets hardly any help from Muneeb while taking care of Amal. Minal and her mother have been her biggest support throughout.

Aiman Khan Dramas

See Full FilmGraphy
Mohabbat Bhaar Mein Jaye –  2012
Meri Beti –  2013
Digest Writer – 2014
Beqasoor – 2015
Khawab Siraye – 2016
Mann Mayal – 2016
Khali Haath – 2017
Zindaan – 2017
Hari Hari Churiyaan – 2017
Ghar Titli Ka Par – 2018
Kaif-e-Baharan – 2018
Ishq Tamasha – 2018
Baydardi – 2018
Baandi – 2018

Aiman Khan Social Accounts

With 7.4 million followers, Aiman Khan is the most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram along with Mahira Khan. The big difference is that She has managed to reached this height at a really young age. She is the most famous celebrity on social media. Aiman believes that her social media following has definitely helped her further her career.

Aiman Khan Dresses

She is known for her decent and stylish dressing sense. She always wears dresses which her fans love. Aiman prefers wearing traditional attire. Therefore many of her best dresses are ethnic outfits. Here are some beautiful dresses which were worn by her in recent shows and functions.

Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures
Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures
Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures
Aiman Khan Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

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