Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

The world of showbiz is more or less about glitz and glam. This is the reason why celebrities are looked up to by general people and their fans for fashion and styling inspiration. There are always such celebrities that when they join the industry, they focus more on their craft but as time passes by, they slowly realize how important it is to look presentable at any given occasion.

With the widespread of social media, celebrities at times do feel pressured to always look their absolute best. Although they do get the time off but when it comes to their presence on or off social media, they make sure to look good. This kind of demand of the job has pushed a lot of celebrities to come out of their comfort zone and change the way they style and carry themselves. This has made the celebrities a lot more conscious and this is the reason, more and more actors are seen amping up their looks and style game totally.

Let’s take a look at the Pakistani actors and celebrities who upped their style game in 2020:

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is blessed with natural beauty but she wasn’t always stylish. She was well-known for her simple, barely any make-up and most of the time similar looks in dramas.

Lately, Ayeza Khan got herself recognized as an actress who is known for her stylish dressing sense and attractive make-up looks perhaps more than her acting projects. The looks she was seen sporting in Mere Pass Tum Ho were some of the best we have seen this year.

In Mehrposh Ayeza Khan’s bridal and no make-up looks were also impressive throughout. Other than that, Ayeza Khan got herself recognized as a model who looked stunning in all her photoshoots. She was always known for her bridal makeovers and this year she also sported the trendiest casual looks in some of her photoshoots. She was continuously seen experimenting with different looks in acting and modeling projects.

Ayeza Khan massive transformation over the years resulted in making her one of those actresses who were loved for their sense of their style in 2020.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Sana Javed

Sana Javed has been associated with the Pakistani drama industry for a long time now but this year was when took her social media presence seriously and impressed everyone to no end.

Sana Javed has groomed herself a lot and it shows with the way she carries herself. During the lockdown and the month of Ramzan, she got associated with Jeeto Pakistan, that is when she earned a huge fan following because of the gorgeous eastern outfits that she carried gracefully. This was the time when people actually started noticing Sana Javed’s on-point styling and looked forward to her new posts every day.

Sana Javed herself keep everyone up-to-date with her outfit choices and showed that she was now taking it seriously. However, this year Sana Javed really redefined her fashion sense and showed that she can not only carry but rock both eastern and western looks effortlessly because she dresses according to what suits her and compliments her overall personality.

The characters that she plays in drama may not give her the liberty to experiment a lot with her looks and outfits but when it comes to her personal fashion sense, she has really changed it for the better. She has a dynamic personality that can make any look work and this is the reason she is getting approached by leading fashion labels for modeling because of how effortlessly stunning and stylish she looks.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Sonya Hussyn

For the longest time, Sonya Hussyn did not pay much attention to her wardrobe or styling. She was always a phenomenal actress but it was only recently that she got herself recognized as one of the most stylish actresses as well. She changed the way she dressed up and styled herself a couple of years back and this year Sonya Hussyn looked absolutely stunning in all her acting and modeling projects. She made sure that each one of her appearances in interviews and all of her posts on social media showed her stylish side.

Even in dramas such as Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida and Ishq Zahe Naseeb which didn’t have a lot of room for glamour; Sonya Hussyn looked her best throughout without looking out of place. Everything from Sonya’s styling to the wardrobe she chose to wear was extremely chic throughout the year. Sonya Hussyn is also one of those few actresses who look great in Eastern and Western outfits. She made sure that she was seen sporting the latest fashion trends. She has also discovered the perfect make-up looks for her face, which accentuates her beautiful features.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi joined the industry at a very young age. She was one of those very few celebrities who totally believed in her craft and stayed focused on it. This is exactly how Yumna Zaidi carved her niche and proved herself as an actor. There was a time when Yumna Zaidi didn’t even wear makeup in her dramas as she believed that her acting and craft will speak for themselves and that will be more than enough.

This year Yumna Zaidi decided to change and she not only worked on her overall styling but her hair and makeup too. She was seen in Pyaar Ke Sadqay and Raaz e Ulfat this year and in both the dramas, Yumna looked at her absolute best. It is a fact that Yumna Zaidi doesn’t need a lot of makeup, therefore she has now figured out the kind of makeup that looks good on her and has used it to her advantage because there’s no denying the fact that she looked stunning in Raaz e Ulfat.

Yumna Zaidi may play unique characters in her dramas but she has started focusing on her wardrobe, her overall hair, and makeup. This year, on social media, she also posted such pictures which showed her new look and got a lot of appreciation for it.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Maya Ali

Maya Ali is another top actress in the Pakistani drama industry who has evolved right in front of our eyes. Her evolution started when she signed her first film Teefa In Trouble and since then Maya Ali has polished her dressing sense more than ever.

This year she looked stunning in all the looks she carried whether it was a festive look for a family wedding or a casual one while she was stepping out of the home. She is more focused than ever on her career and has big plans for the future. She knows that in order to make it big in the industry looking classy is just as important and giving convincing performances. We loved how she styled herself in 2020 and the way she carried herself in Eastern and Western outfits.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha made her presence felt in 2020 and she also changed her style altogether. She wore some of the most beautiful outfits designed by the top designers of the fashion industry and was actively involved in the looks she carried on screen.

Mansha Pasha did her styling and make-up herself for the drama serial Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida and she looked especially trendy in Western outfits. She was also seen training hard to trim down and look fit. Clearly, looking her best was a goal that Mansha Pasha set for herself this year and she succeeded as well. Even though she upped her style game, she kept things real by sharing the tricks and tips she had learned with her fans as well.

She was confident enough to make appearances on social media without any make-up as well which went to show that she was still equally confident in her own skin. Mansha Pasha is surely an actress to look out for in 2021 because she is determined to make it even bigger in the industry.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf is one such celebrity who first made a name for himself by proving what a great actor he is. Imran Ashraf started off as a character actor and nailed every single role like it was written for him.

However, after Ranjha Ranjha Kardi when Imran Ashraf unlocked a new level of fame and success, he realized how important it was to embrace the criteria set for a celebrity. Imran Ashraf definitely understood that his fans now had a very different kind of expectations from him therefore he had to do something new to keep on impressing them.

Imran Ashraf’s transformation is exemplary where he not only lost weight but got into great shape to be the hero that his fans would like to see. He has also started focusing on his looks and styling, this is why he has gotten a lot of appreciation for how he has styled the character of Adam in the drama serial Mushk.

Despite the fact that Adam is a very simple character in terms of his nature, Imran Ashraf has paid a lot of attention to his wardrobe and overall styling that make him stand out a lot. It is interesting to note how far Imran Ashraf has come in terms of styling and how he is staying in touch with the fashion trends and a sense of styling which is a requirement of his job.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has been a part of the industry for a long time now. When she started she got ahead on the basis of her talent and sheer hard work. Saba Qamar was always the gorgeous celebrity who was loved by her fans but slowly and steadily, over the years she worked on her overall appearance and looks as well.

She has explained that she wouldn’t mind carrying extra weight because that is her preference but due to the nature of her job, she has to stay fit and look a certain way. This year, during the lockdown, Saba Qamar not only launched her own Youtube channel but took social media seriously as well.

She put a great effort into posting different pictures because this was her way of staying connected with the fans. Saba Qamar came up with so many different looks and her pictures were self-explanatory that she was amping up her style game like never before.

All the pictures posted by Saba Qamar, be it in western or eastern outfits were enough of proof of how far she has come and how effortlessly she can rock any style.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor changed his style game massively when he appeared in his first film. This was definitely the beginning of the evolution that ended up making Danish Taimoor one of the most stylish actors we see on screen today.

He stood out in dramas such as Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hei, Mera Rab Waris, and Deewangi because of his stylish demeanor which added to his screen presence. A few years back who would have thought that Danish Taimoor will make it to this list since he never worked on his styling or outfits back then! Just like his wife, he has also worked hard to look great on and off-screen.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi is another one of those young actresses who understand the importance of social media. This is the reason, this year Kinza Hashmi was seen in a completely different avatar. She has not only groomed herself but has upped her style game to a whole new level. She wears what she is comfortable with the most and shows how such casually picked outfits can look stunning too.

Kinza Hashmi has also kept her social media feed rolling with new perfectly captured pictures almost every single day. It shows that she has put in a lot of effort and has definitely impressed everyone with her styling game.

Kinza Hashmi was seen in the drama serial Uraan this year and even in the drama, the outfits picked by her were stylish. Kinza Hashmi definitely understands that looking good is just as much a part of her job as polishing and refining her craft is.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Zarnish Khan

This year, Zarnish Khan took everyone by surprise when she made her presence felt in the drama serial Ishq Zahe Naseeb. She played the role of a businesswoman and her styling was just perfect because it matched the dynamic of the character.

This goes to show that Zarnish Khan has definitely started paying heed to the overall personality and styling trends because they add an edge to her portrayal in dramas. Zarnish Khan is a natural actor but it shows that she too understands the importance of being fashionable and stylish.

This year, she posted a lot of pictures that gave her fans a glimpse into her personal life and it showed that she is very much a fashionista and a diva even in her real life. She has lost a lot of weight and loves to flaunt it by wearing such stunning outfits that accentuate her petite figure even more. Zarnish Khan has also changed the way she does her hair and makeup and that definitely is a good change.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly has been a part of the industry for a long time now. It won’t be wrong to say that Saboor always got overshadowed by her sister Sajal Aly in the initial years of her acting career, however, this year was definitely the year for her. Saboor Aly has gained a massive amount of popularity due to his currently on-air drama serial Fitrat.

Another factor that has played to her advantage is her presence of social media. Saboor Aly always keeps her fans up to date with her new and fashionable look. Saboor Aly has also given a very stylish and trendy look and appeal to the character of Faria that she plays in the drama serial Fitrat. This is the reason that initially her looks and styling was being noticed. She has definitely come a long way and after being surrounded by so many stylists and designers, she has understood how to make any look work.

Pakistani Actors Who Upped Their Style Game In 2020

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