Minister of IT and Telecom Makes the First 5G Call in Pakistan

Minister for IT Syed Aminul Haq carved his name in the history of technological sciences by making the first 5G call. He was present at the event hosted by Zong where he made this landmark achievement for Pakistan’s Telecom industry.

Minister of IT and Telecom Makes the First 5G Call in Pakistan
5G had been a hot topic for the telecom sectors since a while. It had been surrounded by mere rumors before the event and the phone call by the Minister of IT. This development now guarantees the progression of the status of 5G that will reach Pakistan very soon. The event managed by Zong is considered as a big one for the Technology sector in Pakistan.

One of the foremost aims is to improve the connectivity by bringing new technologies for the citizens. For that matter, PTA has recently assembled a regulatory framework on IoT and 5G.

The main and objective of this working group is essential to see the IoT, its future developments in Pakistan, as well as put forward the possible regulatory options. 5G has yet a long way to go in terms of its commercial deployment. It may even take up to many years for it to become available to all.

This was the first step that promises that the telcos are working on deploying new advanced technologies for the Digital Transformation in Pakistan. Currently, not many phones have the 5G capability embedded in their system, which gives an insight into the near future of when it might be launched. Many people will have to go for exchanging their handsets to make use of the 5G advanced technology.

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