Junaid Khan Reveals The Story Behind His Character In Kashf

Multi-talented Junaid Khan has certainly carved out a niche for himself in the Pakistani entertainment industry with his excellent work as an actor, singer, philanthropist, and songwriter. Currently, he is seen on screen with Hira Mani in drama serial Kashf, where his character has recently taken a 180-degree turn.

From a person willing to do everything for his love that involved doing sweeping work in the Astana to naming his house in his father-in-law name, Junaid explains why Wajdan’s character has changed drastically after marriage in an exclusive interview with Aamna Haider Isani.

Junaid Khan talks about flip in Wajdan’s character, sister rivalry and other issues in Kashf

While many consider Wajdan’s behavior as insecurity or professional jealousy, Junaid says that it’s nothing but pure love.

“When you love someone a lot, and you did everything to be together, it is natural that you become possessive, and that’s what happened to Wajdan. He just wants to get away from all the drama and have all of Kashf’s attention for himself for the time being without any interference,” he explained.

Junaid Khan Reveals The Story Behind His Character In Kashf

Pointing out the sister rivalry that we witness between Zoya and Kashf, Junaid said, “When you are obsessed with someone usually you don’t really care about what others think.”

He added that ‘usually women react aggressively in competition’ and when this competition is with your sister and you frequently see them with each other building chemistry this leads to ‘her getting feeling more jealous and even more obsessed.’

Junaid believes this is nothing out of the ordinary, and he believes sister rivalry is rampant in our society as ‘sisters are individuals,’ and when you see something unfold in front of you this makes the rivalry more intense.

Junaid Khan Reveals The Story Behind His Character In Kashf

What makes Junaid say ‘yes’ to projects?

And while a good script, character and team is important to him , Junaid doesn’t usually look for a star-studded cast before saying ‘yes’ to a project.

When asked about how he chooses projects, he said, “Brand building is not the motive, creative outlet is more important for me. My ambitions are big, but not that big that I will have to change my own identity for the sake of building a brand, or to earn more money,” he added.

He said that being at the top comes with a bigger ‘emotional baggage’ that he is keen to avoid. Maybe that is the reason we haven’t heard or seen him involved in any controversies.

Upcoming movie Kahay Dil Jidhar

Junaid also disclosed that production of his upcoming film Kahay Dil Jidhar has been completed and they are waiting to decide a release date once the cinemas reopen in the country.

Talking about the plot, he shared that it is a story about friendship, relationship, and gives a very important message about a prevalent issue in Pakistan that is drug use.

Singing career

While we cannot help but praise his acting in Kashf, we certainly are anxious to know what Junaid is up to when it comes to singing.

The lead vocalist of Call band disclosed that they will be coming out with something really big by the end of this year. “I’m working on a lot of projects with call and also other than CALL as well.”

Junaid Khan Reveals The Story Behind His Character In Kashf

What to expect from the ending of ‘Kashf’?

When asked about the recurring dream of Kashf, in which Zoya and Wajdan get married, Junaid didn’t give a straightforward answer and said “you never know.”

To find out more, watch the complete interview here:

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