Is Minal Khan Making Her Relationship Official?

Minal Khan is one of the most followed celebrities of Pakistan.

Is Minal Khan Making Her Relationship Official?

Her two dramas are currently on air. Nand which is a soap serial airs at 7pm from Monday to Thursday, the other drama is Jalan which despite of showing the controversial content getting highest TRP’s and million of views on YouTube.

Minal Khan was previously named with Manzoor Khan, with whom Minal used to upload pictures on social media platforms and it was quite evident from the captions and pictures that these two are dating each other. But later on, both Minal and Manzoor Khan deleted the pictures from their Instagram indicating that they have parted their ways.

Is Minal Khan Making Her Relationship Official?

Later on a few Instagram pages claimed that Minal is dating her co star Ahsan Mohsin Ikram who was her co star in Parchayee.

Recently Minal Khan posted a picture on her Instagram account.

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram commented: “I love you ❤” under the picture. Minal also replied to this lovely comment using some emojis.

Is Minal Khan Making Her Relationship Official?

Well it seems like Minal Khan is quite ready to make her relationship with Ahsan Mohsin Ikram official. For sure these two makes a cute couple together.

What are your thoughts on this happening? Do you guys like Minal and Mohsin together? Share your views with us throyugh comments section!

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