How Zara Noor Abbas Deals With Body Shaming?

Our society is never happy with who we are and constantly people keep us reminding that we need to change ourselves to fit in. The people who are chubby they always have to deal with body shaming and it leaves a negative impact on the mind.

Similarly, Actress Zara Noor Abbas suffered from body shaming. She shared her experience of dealing with body shaming.

How Zara Noor Abbas Deals With Body Shaming?

She said, “There was a time in my life when I had to tell myself to stop and make it a point where I  have to embrace myself, embrace my size, no matter what size I am. My talent is not going to suffer because of that.”

“The reason I was ashamed because of my body. I was body shamed for a very very long time on social media. I had to block out of it because if I keep listening to them then I am going to lose focus.”

How Zara Noor Abbas Deals With Body Shaming?

Talking about why people compare her with Mahira Khan she said, “People who say that I talk like Mahira Khan so Mahira is an intelligent woman, so great if they are comparing me. Of course, I am glad if this comparison is with Mahira Khan. I feel like she is one of the biggest stars in our country. She has represented us globally so anybody like her would be an asset to our industry.”

How Zara Noor Abbas Deals With Body Shaming?

She further talked about the effects of body shaming, she said, “It’s upsetting and traumatic when you undergo surgery or you start doing these pills and injections to lose weight but if you are going out and gymming and getting yourself in shape that’s fine. However, if you are going to let them affect you and stop wearing what you wear that’s when it’s concerning and negative.” 

“I did go through a patch where a lot of people came up to me and told me ‘you shouldn’t wear jeans’ and ‘you should never wear sleeveless’ because you are so ‘big’. That’s when I realized if this person feels something about me, I think I should do it twice and take pictures and put it up,” she added.

The negativity of body shaming has never stopped Zara Noor Abbas from being who she is.

Here is Zara Noor Abbas’s interview:

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