Hajra Yamin, Fahad Sheikh Appear Together In ‘Nam Kya Rakha’

The duo of Hajra Yamin and Fahad Sheikh is one of the cutest on-screen couples. They appeared together in Prime’s latest short film ‘Nam kya Rakha’.

The short film features Shayan (Fahad) as a cricket freak who experienced an accident. He went to the hospital where he meets his ex Zehra (Hajra). Both revived their memories.

The story was written by Shaha Jamshed whereas Sohail Javed directed the short film. ‘Nam Kya Rakha’ has been produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari.

The Executive Producer for the film, Seemeen Naveed said about the short film, “Naam Kya Rakha? is a reminder to each one of us that it is okay to look back if it will allow you to move forward – and we are glad that with See Prime we are able to tell such simple stories for our audiences.”

Hajra and Fahad are currently appearing together in a hit drama serial Jalan.

The short film was released on 4th December. However, it got over 291,264 views and 10k likes on YouTube.


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