Did Hania Amir Finally Get Engaged? [Video]

For the past few months, it seems like the internet trolls have been out to get Hania Amir. The 23-year-old is a Pakistani television & film actress, a singer, and a model. She has graced us with countless worthwhile performances.

But it seems like she has turned into a bait for the trolls these days.

نگنی_مبارک_ہانیہ# [#Happy Engagement Hania] has been trending on Twitter, and nobody knows how it started. However, the Ishqiya actress is finding the trend hilarious. Of course, the reason being that she is still very single.

First, let’s take a look at the tweets that are making rounds on social media:

Congratulations 😂❤️
Okay sorry @realhaniahehe jk😂❤️🙏 pic.twitter.com/rNeUjsqTwN

— Asad Farid (@asadfarid__) September 30, 2020

Hania Amir right now😂@realhaniahehe

#منگنی_مبارک_ہانیہ pic.twitter.com/2aY8UZGOko

— FARI💋 (@kharoos__hun) September 30, 2020

Hania Amir breaks hearts (but there’s more to it)

We did some digging and found out that another Twitter user, who has garnered 55,000 followers recently got engaged. Her friends started the hashtag trend on Twitter and everyone else mistook it for the actress herself getting engaged!

here’s what one of the other Hania’s friends posted:

So, we started a hashtag trend for our friend Hania’s engagement. And people thought that Hania is Hania Amir and the trend made it to the top. Hania Amir had to come online and clarify the misunderstanding, seems like she’s enjoying this.

ہوا کچھ یو کہ ہانیہ ہماری دوست کی منگنی کا ہیش ٹیگ چلایا ہم نے#منگنی_مبارک_ہانیہ@Hani_SayS_
اور لوگوں کو لگا کہ وہ ہانیہ عامر ہے اور وہ ٹرینڈ ٹاپ ٹرینڈ پہ چلا گیا😂💍
اور ہانیہ عامر کو آکر باقاعدہ ریپلائے کرنا پڑا وہ خود بیچاری اینجوائے کررئی یہ کیا ہوا@realhaniahehe

— آیت خان🔥 (@its__Ayat) September 30, 2020

Hania Amir took to her Instagram stories to clarify the misunderstanding. She said she was speaking to her friend and did not understand why she had been getting so many notifications on Twitter. To avoid any drama, she delayed checking her account.

But when the Dil Ruba actress finally went online she was both shocked and pleasantly taken aback at the ensuing drama. Let’s take a look at the video she posted:

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