Areeba Habib Shared Fun Things From The Sets Of Jalan

Actress Areeba Habib has impressed the masses with her role of Misha in drama serial Jalan. She recently appeared in an interview where she talked about many things related to her current drama. She shared fun things which happened in the sets of Jalan.

She shared, “The fun thing which happened on the sets of this drama is that we fell on the floor so many times. I and Minal especially fell lots of times while shooting scenes.”

“You must have seen that scene in which Asfand and Minal are fighting over remote, they fell badly in that scene specially Minal.”

While talking about the opening scene of Misha, she said, “Even my opening scene in which Misha is looking beautiful and making entry, I even fell during that. I missed a step and fell badly then my director helped me. I do this usually and fall on the ground.”

Jalan is a highly controversial drama serial however it is watched widely and gains millions of views on YouTube.

The star-studded cast of actors include; Emmad Irfani, Areeba Habib, Minal Khan and many more.

Areeba Habib Shared Fun Things From The Sets Of Jalan

The drama revolves around the story of two sisters who end up hating each other due to twist in the plot. Every character has given brilliant performances. Minal, Areeba and Emmad have worked super hard and their acting has impressed the audience.

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