Actress Ayeza Khan Shares Jaw-Dropping Clicks

Actress Ayeza Khan looks too gorgeous in her new clicks.
She can be seen slaying in black pants and a white top. She embellishes her dress with an elegant golden necklace and black sunglasses.

While sharing the photo, ‘Meher posh’ actress shared her thoughts about love. She wrote on Instagram,“Whatever happens to you, please do not give up on love and on yourself too. Presumably, you do not need the whole world to love you. Maybe, you just need one person.”

“Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. Brothers and sisters, always you should take easy on yourself. I don’t know what happened in your life but want to tell you one thing; life is a very beautiful thing. Forget betrayers no matter, how big was hoodwinked you! And discover yourself, it is the most beautiful thing and you’re glamorous so don’t cry on any blunders accept and don’t patronize yourself again.”

She concluded saying, “Life is waiting to astound you again! Love will never hurt you but a wrong person will hurt you….”

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