10 Worst Scenes From Recent Pakistani Dramas

The story of every single drama is taken forward with the help of different situations and scenarios. This is why every single scene of any drama is of utmost importance because it contributes towards the fluidity of the narrative.

It is a known fact that where some of the scenarios are very unforgettable, there are also some which do not do any favor to the viewers who have tuned to the drama.

Pakistani dramas have always portrayed the reality and the writers have taken pride in the fact that they showcase the truths of the society.

This is the reason they continue to show all the evils prevailing in the society and in the last few episodes, they wrap the story up showing the consequences.

This entire approach at times works but mostly seems flawed because showing negative things for a longer period of time are going to leave a bigger impact than the consequences which are barely given a few seconds at the end of the drama.

It then comes across as the evil and negative things are being reiterated time and again and the focus on doing good is non-existent.

The factors that help in making the scene complete and good are execution, direction, acting and last but not the least; the dialogues. It should be a priority of the writers to come up with better dialogues because they leave an impact and long-lasting impression.

It is unfortunate that due to the influx of poorly written, questionable dialogues and scenarios, the drama-viewers have gotten used to them.

It is a high time that the writers bring a change in the approach and focus on showing more good than evil, this way they will contribute towards perspective alteration of the audience.

10 Worst Scenes From Recent Pakistani Dramas

Casual Consumption of Alcohol (Raaz e Ulfat)

This scene from Raaz e Ulfat is wrong on so many levels. A boyfriend is seen offering his girlfriend a drink and because she happens to be in love with him, she finds it hard to refuse.

In Raaz e Ulfat, the main plot revolves around how hard it is for a simpleton Mushk to pursue her higher education and because she belongs to a very conservative family, she does not have much of an exposure. The writer has tried to show that simple girls may fall prey to the widespread evils outside the vicinity of their homes.

Mushk has gotten influenced by her friend Sahiba and is contemplating about the freedom she enjoys, but it is a done deal that she will never resort to alcoholism, therefore taking it that far and showing it did not really do the viewers any favors.

Also, those parents who in real life do find it hard to permit their daughters for education may be finding all of this the only truth side of the picture, which again does not help those girls who are passionate and eager to get educated.

Open Slandering of A Divorcee (Meherposh)

In this scenario, a riled up mother who only sees the innocence in her son comes up with the most vulgar statements against a recently divorced Meher and it just doesn’t stop there – she has the audacity to say that to her face.

Shahjahan’s mother compares Meher to prostitutes and continues to say that she is worse than them because they have certain rules and limitations, whereas Meher has none? How and where did she come up with such an idea? Later when Meher’s mother apologizes to the woman, she lies to her face saying Meher misbehaved and Shahjahan was the ultimate victim in this entire situation? The dialogues are not only disgusting but absolutely uncalled for? Again, the message that was sent through this entire conversation – it is best known to the writer of Meherposh.

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq (Kahin Deep Jale)

In this entire drama, Shameela was held responsible for the misery that she was putting everyone through, but ever wondered how and why was she able to gain so much of power above the people she was surrounded with? The simple answer is because they all were peanut-brained with the lowest level of IQ.

In this particular scene, the writer chose Hatim as the undoer of Shameela who gave her what she deserved but in reality, has anyone wondered why wasn’t Hatim held accountable for all the mistakes she committed? How and why did he get away scot-free as if he stood by his family through thick and thin?

It is very easy for the writers to put the entire blame on the women for brain feeding the men but again, why are they always shown to be the most naive and simple-minded people to have walked the face of the earth?

Why was Hatim never questioned for misunderstanding his mother, misbehaving with her, being rude to his sister and also handing over the property to his wife Shameela blindly when she demanded it before their Nikkah? If someone deserved to be pushed alongside Shameela, it was Hatim.

The Woman Who Feeds Off Negativity (Mera Dil Mera Dushman)

Shaheena is your typical evil bahu in Mera Dil Mera Dushman. She has no filters whatsoever and is a patient of verbal diarrhea. In the initial episodes, she was given a lot of coverage to establish the fact that it is the conniving woman who plots and schemes but where does it stop? It is obvious that so far her antics have continued to become worse but to see her repeatedly spewing venom from her mouth is bothersome to the point of being depressing.

To show her as evil is one thing but not adding any more shades to her character is the writer’s fault. The way in this scene she just left her mother in law lying on the floor was plain vile and was such a scenario which deserved not to be aired on the TV. There is enough negativity in the world, there is no need for more.

The Jumping Jack of A Wife (Thora Sa Haq)

Thora Sa Haq ended last week, putting the viewers out of the two-biwi misery. In this drama, in order to make the relationship of Seher and Zamin shine, the writer surrounded these two with the conniving characters who were trying every tactic up their sleeves to win Zamin back as if he was the jackpot in Hareem’s life.

Hareem, Rabia and Munazzah did all they could to capture Zamin and drift him apart from Seher and when all of their attempts failed, Hareem came up with this one. She decided to turn into a jumping jack to earn his short-lived sympathy, without even considering the fact that she was putting the life of her unborn child at stake. She kept on blaming Seher that she is doing all this to harm the baby! That’s Thora Sa Haq in a nutshell for you, plotting and scheming without an ounce of dignity.

Frustrating Conversation Between The Frustrating Duo (Ye Dil Mera)

So far, this fact has been established that Nargis and Farhana are two such characters in Ye Dil Mera who have served no purpose of being a part of the drama at all. They were given a lot of coverage in the later stages of the drama and when they had the chance to help Noor ul Ain, they decided to observe silence for 1 minute x by 1000.

It was also unfortunate that they were used as fillers but the viewers were reminded week after week about how much of a filler they were in case they forgot. Nargis and Farhana have had a lot of conversations in this drama and they have been nothing but frustrating. This one is another example of how they kept on beating around the brush without getting to the point that they posed to be so concerned about.


Assaulting Pregnant Wife (Deewangi)

This was another cringe-worthy scene of this drama. Sultan Durrani gets to ruin people’s lives and has all the power at the back of his hand but it is interesting how accountability is missing from his life. He ruined Nageen’s life and later when he got married to Rameen only to realize that he was and still is madly in love with Nageen.

It just didn’t stop there, his wife got pregnant, only to be pushed by Sultan so badly in the last trimester that she ended up losing her life. After this adventure, Sultan has assigned himself another adventure of ruining Nageen’s life by invading her marital life and drifting her apart from her husband.

It is important to contemplate and wonder when the drama-makers will stop showing such scenarios where a husband gets to literally push his wife to deathbed and walk around like he has done nothing wrong!

Anticipating Her Father’s Death (Jhooti)

Nirma is a pathological liar. She feeds off lying and continues to do so without even thinking for a second about the consequences. The writer has shown how she has been digging her own grave but alongside, she is also waiting for her father’s grave to be dug so that she can take her part of the property and just move on with her life.

This has been a repetitive pattern where Nimra has continued to speak about her father kicking the bucket too in a hope that it happens soon. It is good to be practical but in this case it is downright inconsiderate to be speaking about a father’s death time and again only for personal gains that come after.

The way Nimra casually discussed how her mother died was cringe-worthy too. Talk about poor dialogues!

The Banjh Syndrome (Ghalati)

This word has to be diminished from the Pakistani drama dictionary once and for all. How many times have the viewers heard of this word? The writers fail to understand that for them, it might just be a juicy word added in one of the dialogues written by them, but this happens to be a reality for so many women out there who are suffering from infertility or are doing what it takes to fight it. Therefore, to see this word being so casually used in almost every second drama is cruel.

After Talaq, this word seems to be the most favorite of Pakistani drama writers because not a day goes by when this is not echoed in one of Pakistani dramas. How does showing a woman taunting another woman about infertility in such a vile manner help or serve any purpose? Again, a high time for the change of narrative where no woman ever in any drama for the sake of ratings is seen being taunted for not bearing children!!!

10 Worst Scenes From Recent Pakistani Dramas

This completes the list of 10 worst scenes seen in recent Pakistani dramas. Do you find any purpose behind showing such scenes which have nothing but negativity to offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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