Ye Dil Mera Episode 28 Story Review – Amaanullah’s Re-Introduction

Ohkay so, this was quite an intense episode of Ye Dil Mera. Finally, it is that stage of the story where everything is falling in its place but is being revealed at the right time. In this episode in particular, I felt I enjoy the to & fro between the past & the present. Now when we all know that the drama is about to end with only a few episodes left, it is coming out as a proper approach of the director to unveil everything slowly. Yes, there is no denying to the fact that this drama actually could’ve ended without the filler episodes & unnecessary prolonging but at this moment, it feels that every episode till it ends is going to be a good one. Oh, did you all know Farhana Khala could sense that Ali Baksh will do everything in his might to stop an interaction between her & Nargis Bua?

Farhana Khala Knew Ali Baksh Would Sever Her Ties With Nargis Bua

The surprising part of this episode was the scene where suddenly Nargis Bua & Farhana Khala came together out of nowhere. I think they should’ve at least shown a scene where they had spoken to each other with Farhana telling Nargis Bua that she is coming to Pakistan. The way their timings matched seemed more like a coincidence & felt out of the blue. Nargis Bua herself was on her way to Islamabad from Sukkhur, so they shouldn’t have shown that she met Farhana Khala just like that. Later it was figurable that Nargis Bua went to the airport to pick Farhana Khala up & then she wanted to go see Meer Farooq to tell him everything about Ana. Farhana Khala’s dialogues were so repetitive that I actually lost count of how many times she discussed that Ali Baksh or even Meer Farooq would make sure Nargis Bua doesn’t stay in touch with Farhana.

Nargis Bua also had some repetitive dialogues up her sleeves. She actually told Farhana about Ana being in trouble. Once again, Nargis Bua is doubting Amaan without even giving any sort of consideration to the fact that Amaan is entitled to avenge his family’s murder because Meer Farooq is the murderer. However, it is understandable that at this stage she is only concerned about Ana’s well being because she thinks Amaan is going to stoop to Meer Farooq’s level & harm Ana.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 28 Story Review – Amaanullah’s Re-Introduction

Amaan finally confessed that was in his heart for Ana. He wanted her to have clarity about his intentions while still bearing in mind that he is not lying about Meer Farooq & is going to do everything to destroy him. Ana’s situation is perplexing but still, it is unfortunate that even at this stage of the story, she has not shown any mental growth. Even after a few episodes, I am still figuring out how she is going to prove her father’s innocence with her nose as red as a pinocchio & while being disconnected with the rest of the world. It is not like the evidence of Meer Farooq’s innocence is going to fall from the tree in her lap & she marofy it to Amaan’s muh – another repetitive dialogue of the entire drama. Ana still thinks her father is going to rescue her & protect her, however she should’ve dwelled more into the thoughts that ran through her mind after she had a dream & recalled everything Meer Farooq used to say to her to make her forget what she saw – basically lying to her & telling her what she saw had nothing to do with the reality. A little reminder: Farhana Khala knew Ali Baksh or even Meer Farooq would severe her ties with Nargis Bua if they found out.

Amaan got ahead with another plan of his to bring Meer Farooq down. This was probably the last thing he had against Meer Farooq before revealing his real identity. The testimony of Mrs. Humayun was enough to shake Meer Farooq further. He was already finding it hard to deal with the fact that Ana was missing & now on top of that, Amaan played his cards well. This is the sheer mental & emotional torture that Amaan must’ve been planning for ages & with Meer Farooq committing yet another henious crime of framing his employee, Amaan must’ve gotten a hold of all the details to use it to his advantage. Also, did you know Farhana Khala was scared & made sure to let Nargis Bua know that Ali Baksh & Meer Farooq were not going to allow them to be in touch?

The Highlight of The Episode

Amaan appeared out of nowhere in front of Meer Farooq to re-introduce himself. That scene was definitely the highlight & one of the best scenes of the entire drama. Ahad Raza Mir & Adnan Siddique both were phenomenal in that scene. Amaan knew what he was saying while making sure that Meer Farooq understood each & every word of his. He was clear & loud so that Meer Farooq doesn’t misconstrue or assume what he was hearing wasn’t the truth. Meer Farooq now understood that Amaan has his reasons & he, in no way is going to backtrack. He has started the war & he is going to make sure he sees the end of it. Meer Farooq didn’t even beat around the bush & told Ali Baksh everything because they both knew that Amaan was Mani & the names he mentioned were of those who were the victims of their mercilessness & brutality.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 28 Story Review – Amaanullah’s Re-Introduction

The episode surprisingly took another exciting turn when Nargis Bua connected the dots & figured out that Amaan must’ve taken Ana to Daryabagh. Nargis Bua also knows that Daryabagh’s the place that both Amaan & Ana have in common, therefore she knew her instinct couldn’t be wrong. It is anyways good that Farhana Khala is going to be with Nargis Bua. It will also give her some support in dire times like these because being a vulnerable old lady, she would’ve never gotten to Ana on her own. It is like history is repeating itself where Nargis Bua was always with Nilofer Baji & now she is with Farhana Khala. At first Nargis Bua didn’t believe in sharing the secret but now when she will get to spend time with Farhana Khala, she will obviously be reminded of Nilofer’s misfortune & she will eventually end up telling her all the secrets because Nargis Bua will see the sincerity & eagerness in Farhana to know about her sister’s death.

Aiman and Muneeb After Marriage – How Life Has Changed
Aiman and Muneeb After Marriage – How Life Has Changed

This episode of Ye Dil Mera has perfectly set the tone of the closure this drama is going to get. Now all there’s left for the viewers to know is how actually Nilofer died & the actual scenario which Ana keeps on seeing through her dreams. Sajal Aly definitely has performed to her full potential as Ana, she has even made some of the emotional scenes memorable because of her phenomenal acting, however when it comes to the character of Ana, it remains unimpressive. Yes, she has been raised in such an over-protective environment but after being married to Amaan, she should’ve shown some growth. Her character needed some evolving which didn’t happen & probably wouldn’t even matter at this stage of the drama because now it is purely about Amaanullah & Meer Farooq. Ahad Raza Mir & Adnan Siddique were flawless in their portrayal & display of emotions in tonight’s episode. Good to see Abdur Rehman Baba will be making an entry in the next episode as well. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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ps: Did you know Farhana Khala’s biggest fear was not being able to stay in touch with Nargis Bua because of Ali Baksh or Meer Farooq?

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