Teri Behisi Drama Cast, OST, Story, Timings

Teri Behisi is a 2020 Pakistani drama television series produced by Blue Eye Entertainment. Teri Behisi is Directed by Sami Sani and Teri Behisi is written by Haniya Javed. The Hina Dilpazeer, Sana Fakhar, Nazish Jahangir, Aijaz Aslam, Aiza Awan, and Bilal Qureshi in the main lead role.

Introduction Details:

Writer: Haniya Javed
Director:  Sami Sani
Produced by: ERFAN GHANCHI
Production House: Blue Eye Entertainment
Timing: Daily at 7:00 PM
Releasing Date: May 2021
Channel: Geo Tv

Teri Behisi Drama Cast

Hina Dilpazeer
Sana Fakhar
Nazish Jahangir
Aijaz Aslam
Aiza Awan
Namra Shahid
Bilal Qureshi
Naveed Raza
Khalid Anum
Anum Tanveer

Teri Behisi Drama Cast, OST, Story, Timings
Bilal Qureshi
Teri Behisi Drama Cast, OST, Story, Timings
Sana Fakhar

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Teri Behisi Story

Teri Behisi narrates the story of a woman whose trust in her family members escalates into hatred after an incident where she realizes her worth.

Nighat is a young woman who lives with her father and two younger brothers, Kashan and Zayir. After the death of her mother, Nighat chooses to value her family and trusts them with good intentions.

Upon Kashan’s insistence, Nighat’s father manages to fix the wedding of Nighat and Kashan in the same house however on the wedding day an unexpected incident leaves Nighat in shock. Her trust and assurance in her father break when her father refuses to stand by her side. This incident causes Nighat to change her viewpoint completely as she realizes that even her own family members don’t stand with her. Nighat’s hatred soon channels out in the wrong direction and one of the main victims of Nighat’s such behavior becomes Kashan’s wife, Zara. Being the eldest amongst her siblings, Nighat chooses to take over the responsibility of her father’s school business which makes her even more dominant.

Things once again take an ugly turn when Zayir goes against her elder sister and decides to marry Zara’s younger sister, Soham. This ignites even more hatred in Nighat and she refuses to spare anyone. Nighat’s pattern of torturing people who never caused her any harm disrupts many lives.

After Nighat’s life long aggression and resentment towards the innocent people, will she realize her mistake? Will those around her make an effort to change Nighat’s attitude? Will Nighat develop a soft corner for others after she reconnects with her past?

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