10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

The Pakistani entertainment industry is full of talented individuals. Whether these actors and models are children or grown-ups, they always live up to their full potential. There are some young Pakistani actors who have literally grown up in front of our eyes. We saw them performing important supporting roles in dramas a few years back and now they are seen playing important roles in many leading dramas. These child stars have proven that you can be a star at any given age. The acting skills of these child stars have polished over time. Some of them turned into iconic stars while others are still struggling. All of them however have reached a place where most people their age can only dream of. Here some Pakistani child stars who are all grown up now.

Pakistani Child Stars

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is the most sought after Pakistani actress who has made a big name for herself internationally. Mehwish Hayat also started her showbiz career at a really young age. Mehwish revealed this fact when she posted a picture of her herself when she was 6 years old clad in a beautiful Rajasthani dress. Mehwish Hayat revealed that this was her first tv commercial and she felt shy and awkward.

This was when Mehwish Hayat made her first appearance as a child star. She has definitely come a long way from being an awkward and shy little girl. Mehwish Hayat however was always hard-working, not afraid of retakes to get the perfect shot even as a child star. We are not surprised she has come this far. Here are two pictures from Mehwish Hayat’s child star days and the other two from the present day! Definitely a huge inspiration for all the child stars out there.

Pakistani Child Stars

Faysal Qureshi

Faysal Qureshi is one of the most versatile and loved actors of today. He stepped into acting at a really young age. He started his acting career as a child star from the PTV drama Emergency Ward, he also appeared in Andhera Ujala. For years, he took up small role in order to support his family after his father passed away.

His parents were also associated with showbiz, therefore, he got to learn a lot from some of the biggest actors of the time because they were also his father’s friends. However, now looking back, Faysal Qureshi sees this early period in the industry as a learning and a struggling period. Now all his struggles have proven to be fruitful since he is considered the best in his field.

Pakistani Child Stars

Zuhab Khan

Zuhab Khan has been associated with the entertainment industry of Pakistan ever since he was a child. He was really young when he started his television career by acting in commercials and dramas. There was once a time when Zuhab Khan was one of the favorite child actors because he was ideal for playing the roles his age. Just a few years back we watched him play a cute and emotional role in the hit drama serial Kash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti.

Now Zuhab Khan is 18 years old and he is still actively involved in the entertainment industry. He is playing a leading role in the sitcom Ghar Jamai.

In his vast acting career, Zuhab Khan has worked with the best actors and directors in the business. He also lend his voice for the popular animation 3 Bahadur. He continues to grow and understands that he needs to reinvent himself continuously in order to be more successful in his career.

Acting was Zuhab Khan’s personal choice which is why he takes it seriously. His career is something he feels really passionately about. Here are some pictures of Zuhab Khan from the time he started his career till now to show just how much he has grown over the years.

Pakistani Child Stars

Here are some old pictures of Zuhab Khan with a few famous celebrities.

Zuhab Khan with Sanam Bolach
Zuhab Khan with Sanam Bolach
Zuhab Khan with Yumna Zaidi
Zuhab Khan with Yumna Zaidi

Arisha Razi

Arisha Razi was the most popular child actor of her time. Arisha Razi started her career in showbiz at the age of 3 and there was no looking back after that.

When she started acting and met Faysal Qureshi on the set of her first drama, she asked him if he recognized her, as she was a famous model! Arisha Razi always had the confidence and skills needed to excel in the field of showbiz. There was a time when she was seen in every ad which starred children.

She has also worked with some of the biggest actors from a really young age. Arisha Razi has grown up to be a beautiful young girl. She is just as driven now as she was before. It was never easy for Arisha to study and pursue her acting career at the same time but she always made sure that she found time for performing.

Arisha Razi recently starred in the film Sacch and she intends to work harder and do better in the future. She loves what she does and is definitely really comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some of the cutest pictures of Arisha Razi from the time she started her career and few pictures from now. Arisha Razi is still as cute today as she was as a baby.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan started her showbiz career by starring in a commercial. Her career started purely by chance and she continued acting as a child star without thinking much about it. Aiman Khan has gained more popularity than any other child star who started acting at her age.

Aiman Khan especially gained popularity after her massive weight loss. She was seen endorsing leading brands in the country and also played leading roles in many popular dramas. Aiman Khan’s fan following is unprecedented. When she got married to Muneeb Butt, the number of her fans only increased.

Aiman Khan is young, beautiful, and talented. Before getting married Aiman Khan announced that she was going to leave showbiz after getting married. Later on, however she changed her mind and said that she might come back into the industry if she feels the need to do so.

Aiman Khan’s fans are waiting to see her back on the screen. She worked in a lot of dramas before getting married which increased her popularity. These adorable pictures of Aiman Khan show just how much she has changed over the years and how early she started her career in showbiz

. These pictures will remind Aiman Khan’s fans of the child star they saw on screen just few years back but probably had no idea that one day she will be a diva of the industry.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Aadi Khan

Aadi Khan was recently seen in drama serial Nibah. Viewers loved his performance but a lot of viewers probably don’t know that Aadi Khan has been modeling and acting in commercials ever since he was a child.

He was the face of one of the leading Pakistani brands for the longest time. He starred in 50 plus commercials as well. He also worked in several dramas. Aadi Khan has grown into a stylish young man.

He is working in several projects at the moment and makes a special efforts to stay in touch with his fans and followers on social media. Aadi Khan has been in front of the camera from a really young age.

His brother Sami Khan recently starred in the hit Ramazan special show Suno Chanda. Here are some pictures of Aadi Khan from the time he was a little model to the present time when he is all grown up.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Minal Khan

Minal Khan started her showbiz career with her twin sister Aiman Khan at a really young age. Since Aiman and Minal were together in most of the projects therefore for Minal Khan acting was all fun and games.

Just like Aiman Khan, Minal always took her acting career as something which came naturally. Minal Khan started taking her career more seriously as she grew up. She became a star especially after she started playing leading roles in some of the most popular dramas.

Minal Khan is a confident and talented young girl who wants to spread her wings and is aiming for the stars. Minal Khan’s pictures from the past show how early on she started her acting career and how far she has come.

Minal Khan too worked a lot on her looks by losing weight and changing her style game. Here are some before and after pictures which show how grown up Minal Khan is now and how young she was when she started.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Sara Kashif Rajput

Who can forget Hareem from Hamsafar! Sara Kashif Rajput played the role of Khirad and Asher’s daughter in hit drama serial Hamsafar. Sara Kashif was already a well-known child star before she played this role. She has not only starred in several commercials but she is also one of those few talented actors who played leading roles even as child stars.

Recently, Sara Kashif’s performance in Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hei was praised by many. Sara takes her days off to spend time with family and to concentrate on her studies. For a recent commercial, she was seen in a completely different look.

She is a gutsy young girl who is gifted with great acting skills. A beautiful personality and gorgeous looks make Sara Kashif one of the most promising stars of today. These pictures show just how young Sara was when she started her career and how much she has grown up now.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Fazal Hussain

Fazal Hussain was a powerful performer from a really young age. At an age when most child stars are busy performing lightly in commercials, Fazal Hussain was doing dynamic roles in films and dramas.

His brilliant performance in Ramchand Pakistani won him critical acclaim. Apart from this, he performed superbly in many dramas alongside some ace actors. Known for his serious performances Fazal Hussain made a name for himself early on.

He is just as determined to make it big in the industry now and like many other child artists, he too is reinventing himself. These pictures show just how serious a performer Fazal Hussain was at such a young age and how grown up he is now.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Adnan Raza Mir

Adnan Raza Mir is Asif Raza Mir‘s son who only acted once as a child star in drama serial Khamoshyan. Adnan Raza Mir starred in this drama alongside his brother Ahad Raza Mir who was much older than him at that time.

While Ahad Raza Mir pursued his acting career, Adnan never showed any interest in performing art after that. When Adnan starred in Khamoshyan he was a child, now he is all grown up. He is a good looking young man with a fan following even though he is not a celebrity.

10 Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

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