In Blossom Chinese Drama Cast Details

The romantic Chinese drama In Blossom released in 2024. The In Blossom drama’s main roles are played by Ju Jing Yi and Liu Xue Yi. The drama is directed by Zhong Qing. The story revolves around the love life of Pan Yue and Yang Cai Wei. On their wedding day, Yang Cai Wei was killed by Pan Yue. Yang Caiwei was reborn and came back to expose the unknown reality of Pan Yue. Let’s take a look at the In Blossom Chinese drama full cast real name and other details.

In Blossom Chinese Drama Cast

Ju Jing Yi as Yang Cao Wei/Shangguan Zhi

Actress Ju Jing Yi played the role of Yang Cao Wei/Shangguan Zhi. She is also a talented singer. Her real age is 29 years old and started her career as an actress in 2015. Her recent dramas are “Sword and Fairy 4” and “Beauty of Resilience”.

In Blossom Chinese Drama Cast

Liu Xue Yi as Pan Yue

Liu Xue Yi is a well-known drama actor and model. He performed the lead character of Pan Yue. His age is 33 years old and he played the lead character in many hit dramas and movies. His latest dramas are “A Moment But Forever” and “The Blood of Youth”.

In Blossom Chinese Drama Cast

Wu Jia Yi as Bai Xiao Sheng

Wu Jia Yi is famous for her attractive looks, she played the character of Bai Xiao Sheng. She started her acting journey in 2016 and her debut drama was Demon Girl Season 2. Her upcoming drama as a lead actress is “Shadow Detective” in 2024.

Li Ge Yang as Zhuo Lan Jiang

Li Ge Yang is also part of the supporting cast of the drama and his character name is Zhou Lan Jiang. He is a 26-year-old talented actor. His best dramas are “The Soulmate” and “Supervisor Husband”.

Qi Pei Xin as A Ze

Chinese actor Qi Pei Xin is a young actor and model, who played the role of A Ze. His previous most-watched dramas are “Together to the Top” and “Sacred Tree Has Heart”.

Supporting Cast

Anna Liu as Lu Ai Ge
Ding Jie as Ling Er
Zhong Wei Hua as Old Jiang Head
Hu Kun as A Fu
Sun Zheng Lin as Sun Zhen
Nina Wang as Liu Qing
Li Pei Ming as Pan Jin
Mei Ling Zhen as Madame Jia
Chris Song as Xue Jian Li
Bai Wei as Zuo Jing Fei
Hua Wen as Sima Xuan
Xu Tao as Shen Ci
Liu Qin Shan as Yuner
Ren Wan Jing as Yun Shang
Xu Yi Wen as Madame Gu
Xu Nai Yu as Chen Fu

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