Imagination Season Chinese Drama Cast & Characters

Imagination Season is a 2024 romantic Chinese drama. The Lead characters are played by the talented Chinese actors Jia Nai Liang and Qiao Xin. The drama story revolves around a group of four friends, who work hard to achieve their goal and start a company. This drama is directed by Cao Dun and it’s other name is “Dream”. Let’s read the 2024 Chinese drama Imagination Season Chinese drama cast real name and other details.

Imagination Season Chinese Drama Cast

Qiao Xin as Wan Ruo Yu

Chinese model and actress Qiao Xin played the role of Wan Ruo Yu. She is 30 years old and known for her attractive looks. His recent dramas are “Winter Night” and “The Autumn Ballad”. Her debut drama was “The Distance of Love” in 2013.

Imagination Season Chinese Drama Cast & Characters

Jia Nai Liang as Yu Pen Yue

Jia Nai Liang is a famous Chinese actor, who played the character of Yu Pen Yue in drama and won the hearts of viewers with his brilliant acting. His nickname is Jerry. His previous hit dramas are “Road of Rebirth” and “With You”. His age is 39 years old.

Imagination Season Chinese Drama Cast & Characters

Pang Han Chen as Li Teng Fei

Actor Pang Han Chen played the role of Li Teng Fei and grabbed the attention of viewers with his best acting and charming personality. He was also part of the Chinese dramas “Burning Flames”, “Stand by Me”, and “The Ordinary Glory”.

Imagination Season Chinese Drama Cast & Characters

Zheng He Hui Zi as Xu Zi Shan

Zhang He Hui Zi is also part of the main cast of the drama. Her character’s name is Xu Zi Shan. Her most-watched dramas are “Song of the Moon” and “Hello My Love”. Her real age is 29 years old. She played the lead and supporting roles in many famous dramas.

Cao Lu as Yang Xin Wei

Cao Lu performed the support character of Yang Xin Wei. He also played prominent roles in many hit dramas “Always on the Move”, “Little Valentine” and “Would You Marry Me”.

Supporting Characters

Wen Yi Fan as Zhou Yan
Du Zi Ming as Ye Zhi Qiu
Michael Mao as Huang Xin
Peng Bo as Cheng Fei Fei
Bai Fan as Chen Hu Sheng
Du Fan Xin Zhi as Xiao Yu
TErma Tong as Guo Mei Ying
Chen Yang as Manager Xu
Huai Yuan as Investor A
Li Yan Man as Chen Tai Zhen
Qin Yue as Aunt Song
Lan Cheng as Smart Zhao
Xia Jia Wei as Old Sichuan
Hao Shuang as Zhang Tong
Wang Dong as Lao Xing
Xu Xiao Jiang as Xiao Jiang
Scotty Cox as Mr. Brown
Yang Yun Zhou as Mr. Wu
Wang Zheng Jia as Mr. Luo

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