Here Is Why You Should Not Watch Ertugrul Ghazi

Here Is Why You Should Not Watch Ertugrul Ghazi

The Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul has been translated in Urdu with the title Ertugrul Ghazi and it is a massive hit in Pakistan. There is barely anyone who has watched the series and is not loving it.

Now, after reading the title of the article you must be wondering why someone would tell you not to watch a series that is loved by so many people. There are actually a number of reasons why you should not start watching Dirilis Ertugrul.

Here is why you should not tune in to Ertugrul Ghazi at all.

You Will Be Beyond Addicted

Have you ever watched a show which has you hooked at such a level that you keep on coming back to it even when you don’t have the time? Well, Dirilis Ertugrul has exactly that kind of an effect on its viewers. Once you start watching this show, you will literally be addicted to it in such a way that you will be watching one episode after the other even if you have other important matters to attend to!

The word ‘addiction’ is perfect for those who are already watching it and those of you who cannot afford such addiction because you have other responsibilities should avoid tuning in to this series at all costs! You will be locked down completely by the characters and the story but not just in your house in front of your television and in your TV lounge!

Here Is Why You Should Not Watch Ertugrul Ghazi

Sleep Deprivation

Yes! once you start watching Dirilis Ertugrul you might be sleep deprived because there are so many people who have to work from morning to evening so when they start watching the series, they can only do so at night! You won’t be able to do with watching a single episode only unless you have great will power.

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The thing is that this series has 5 seasons and all of them are more engaging than the other one. As a result of this, there is an endless supply of entertainment and so much to look forward to that even if you get some sleep you will be dreaming about the series!

Difficulty Watching Pakistani Dramas

It is true that those people who are watching this series on a regular basis and not just with Urdu translation, find it really difficult to continue watching Pakistani dramas. If given a choice, they would much rather watch a few more episodes of Ertugrul than watching a Pakistani drama. The screenplay of Dirilis Ertugrul is so captivating and the idea for Pakistanis especially is so new that when compared to this series, Pakistani dramas and their themes will appear to be dull. If you wish to continue watching and enjoying Pakistani dramas then don’t watch Dirilis Ertugrul!

You’d Be Dying To Meet Turkish Actors

Apart from stalking so many of the leading actors who you are bound to fall in love with after watching the series, you will also find yourself wanting and wishing to meet them in person. So many people who are watching the series find themselves loving the actors just as much as they like the Pakistani actors.

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While Pakistani actors are more accessible, it is difficult to reach out to the Turkish actors. You can’t easily watch or read their interviews online either. So, you might end up really wanting to know more about them but not get the opportunity to do so.

There are more Pakistanis now commenting under the pictures of the Turkish actors on Instagram than any other country. The love Pakistani viewers are getting from there is only multiplying their fandom.

Desire To Visit Turkey

Since so many signs, important places, and graves of the characters we watch in the series are in Turkey, you might be really tempted to visit Turkey as well after watching the series! Basically you will be wanting to do many things which are just not possible given the circumstances right now.

Here Is Why You Should Not Watch Ertugrul Ghazi

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