Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Cast & Story Details

Chinese dramas are known for their romantic stories. Guess Who I Am is another romantic Chinese drama aired in 2024. The drama’s story shows the life of a young and passionate girl Song Yao, she meets with the fake CEO Qin Hao, and the romantic chapter of their lives starts. The main cast of the Chinese drama Guess Who I Am includes Zhang Yu Xi and Wang Xi Qi. Read more information about the drama’s complete cast and characters.

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Cast

Wang Zi Qi as Qin Hao/Ji Cheng Chuan

Wang Zi Qi is a 28-year-old Chinese actor and model. He played the lead character of Qin Hao and Ji Cheng Chuan. His upcoming dramas are “The First Shot” and “We Are the Future”. He started his career as an actor in 2013 and his first drama was “The Mother”.

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Cast & Story Details

Zhang Yu Xi as Song Yao

Chinese popular actress Zhang Yu Xi played the role of Song Yao in this drama. The drama’s viewers love Zhang Yuxi’s on-screen couple and chemistry with Wang Ziqi. Her age is 33 years old. Her next drama is “The Land of Warriors” in 2024.

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Cast & Story Details

Han Dong Lin as Jiang Nan Xuan

Young and talented actor Han Dong Lin played the supporting role of Jiang Nan Xuan. His recent drama as a lead actor was “Future Call”. He also performed the lead roles in dramas “The Story of Twenty-nine” and “Let’s Go Fighting”.

Ke Nai Yu as Song Ling Ren

Ke Nai Yu is known for playing supporting roles in Chinese dramas. In “Guess Who I Am”, she played the role of Song Ling Ren. Her latest dramas are “Hero Is Back” and “The Dangerous Love”.

Wang Jia Yin as Shen Shuang Shuang

Wang Jia Yin is a 27 years old Chinese actress, her character name is Shen Shuang Shuang. Her upcoming drama is “The Milky Way Looms”, in which she will appear in the lead role.

Supporting Characters

Monica Mok as Chen Ya Qin
Liu Zhe Hui as Gu Zi Jun
Joycee Chen as Kang Li Ping
Gao Bei Bei as Lin Shu
Wang Qian Guo as Liang Jing Yi
Jin Jia as Lu Yu
Liu Chan as Sheng Si Qi
He Peng as Sheng Si Lin
Jiang Peng as Ji Cheng An
Yang Chao Ran as Chen Jing Hui
Li Hong Lei as Director Lei
Cheng Qiao Si as Idol
Zheng Yu as Ji Hong Lin
Yan Feng as Li Chen
Danny Ray as Joseph
Li Shuai as Qin Tian
Cha Zhen as Mr. Zhen
Ma Rui Ze as Wang Chuang
Zhou Yun Shen as Song Mu
Mang Zhi Min as Ji Hong Lin

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