Daghabaaz Dil Pakistani Movie Cast Details & Pictures

Daghabaaz Dil is a romantic and comedy Pakistani 2024 Film, which will be released on Eid ul Fitr 2024 worldwide. The main characters of the movie are performed by Mehwish Hayat and Ali Rehman Khan. The movie is directed by Wajahat Rauf and written by Mohsin Rauf and Wajahat Rauf. Its estimated budget is $250,000. Let’s have a look at the Pakistani 2024 movie Daghabaaz Dil full cast real name and pictures.

Daghabaaz Dil Movie Cast

Mehwish Hayat as Zoya

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat is known for performing exciting characters in movies and dramas. In the film Daghabaaz Dil, she played the lead role of Zoya. She always won the hearts of her fans with her charming personality and outstanding acting. She is 36 years old and belongs to a Pakistani-Sindhi family.

Daghabaaz Dil Movie lead actress Mehwish hayat

Ali Rehman Khan as Faris

Ali Rehman Khan played the character of Faris opposite Mehwihs Hayat, their on-screen loved by their fans. His real age is 34 years old and his hometown is Islamabad. His previous hit movies are “Perde Mein Rehne Do” and “Heer Man Ja”. He joined the Pakistani showbiz industry in 2010.

Daghabaaz Dil Movie lead actor Ali Rehman Khan

Momin Saqib as Moon

Famous Pakistani actor and host Momin Saqib appeared in the supporting role of Moon and stole the show with his hilarious acting. Momin has a huge fan following on social media accounts. He graduated from King’s College London and became of the Entertainment industry in 2020.

Daghabaaz Dil Movie actor Momin saqib

Michelle Mumtaz

After performing many prominent characters in superhit dramas, Michelle Mumtaz will appear as a new character in the film Daghabaaz. She is a 30-year-old talented actress and model. She lives in Islamabad. Her best dramas are Muhabbat Satrangi and Fareb.

Daghabaaz Dil Pakistani Movie Cast Details & Pictures

Babar Ali

Actor Babar Ali started his career in the film industry and also played powerful characters in many famous dramas. His latest hit drama is Namak Haram with Sarah Khan and Imran Ashraf. He is a 51-year-old versatile actor.

Daghabaaz Dil Pakistani Movie Cast Details & Pictures

Tazeen Hussain

Tazeen Hussain is also part of the supporting cast of the movie. She is the daughter of a Pakistani senior actor Talat Hussain. Her latest dramas are “Zulm” and “Yuhi”. Tazeen Hussain is also a talented educationist.

Laila Wasti

Daghabaaz Dil Pakistani Movie Cast Details & Pictures

Saleem Sheikh

Daghabaaz Dil Movie supporting Cast