Brigands The Quest for Gold Cast & Characters Details

Brigands The Quest for Gold Cast is a 2024 historical series aired on Netflix. The release date of this series is 23 April 2024. Brigands The Quest for Gold is directed and written by Antonio Le Fosse. The story revolves around a brave woman, who joins the group of Brigands. The actors of the series are very talented and make it more interesting with their outstanding acting. Let’s take a look at the 2024 Netflix series Brigands The Quest for Gold complete cast real name and character details.

Brigands The Quest for Gold Cast

Michela De Rossi as Filomena De Marco

Michela De Rossi is a talented Italian actress, who is known for her amazing acting skills. Her age is 31 years old. She joined the entertainment industry in 2017 and played the prominent characters in many hit series and movies. Her previous famous series was “While the Men Are Away”.

Brigands The Quest for Gold actors deatails

Matlida Lutz as Michelina Di Cesare

Matlida Lutz’s character name is Michelina Di Cesare. She became part of showbiz in 2011 and won the hearts of many people with her attractive looks. Her latest series is “Medici: Masters of Florence”.

Brigands The Quest for Gold lead actress real name

Ivana Lotito as Maria

Ivana Lotito is a 40-year-old famous Italian actress. Her character’s name is Maria in this series. Her other popular series are Letters to Juliet and Fear of Loving released in 2010.

Brigands The Quest for Gold Cast actress name

Marlon Joubert as Giuseppe Schiavone

Marlon Joubert performed the role of Giuseppe Schiavone. He was also part of the series “Suburraeterna” and “Romulus”.

Orlando Cinque as Pietro Monaco

Orlando Cinque is a 50-year-old actor and director, who has incredible acting skills. He graduate from the acting school of Teatro Stabile in Genoa. He directs the 2024 movie “Maker of Tears”.

Ernesto D’Argenio as Cosimo Giordano

Ernesto D’Argenio is also a popular director and actor. He is known for his work in “I Wanted to Be a Rockstar” and “Don’t Kill”.

Supporting Actors

  • Pietro Micci as Fumel
  • Federico Lelapi as Jurillo
  • Nando Paone as Ventre
  • Giuseppe Lo Piccolo as Salvatore
  • Josafat Vagni as Manzo
  • Lorenzo de Moor as Muto
  • Gianmarco Vettori as Marchetta
  • Leon de la Valleee as Celestino
  • Simone Borrelli as Alessandro Pace
  • Astrid Casalo as Maria

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