Affan Waheed Shares Painful Story Of His Life

Actor Affan Waheed has been through harsh times in his life due to which he went into depression. However, he pulled himself out and now he confidently talks about it.

In his interview, Affan Waheed talks about how he survived through his depression time. He said:

“I have been through depression and I am a self-taught survivor of pain. For some time I was in a dark room and I think if you want to live in a closed dark room then it’s fine because you don’t have to fight a lot.”

“Celebrate 2-3 days of your depression and sadness but after that pull your socks up and move on in life. There are people who are in a miserable state and we have to be grateful. I believe gratitude changes a lot.”

The Do Bol actor further said, “There is a clinical depression in which chemical imbalance occurs and in this situation, you have to go see your doctor and don’t care about society’s judgement. You have to go see your doctor no matter what. Your mind runs your life so why can’t you go to doctor for it? There is no shame in it, let people say what they want to say, it’s your life and you have to live it.”

While sharing advise for people he said, “If someone is going through depression show some empathy and urge them to go see a doctor. That’s mandatory I believe.”